Balense Protect products are designed to protect and nurture the delicate matters of your skin. Whether it be UV protection or post-cosmetic and post-laser treatment care, we have your skin covered.

Balense Step 4 provides a shield to nurture you delicate skin.

UV protection is foundational to any skincare routine. This must be the compulsory cornerstone of any effective Anti-ageing strategy. More than fifty percent of pigmentation is activated by UVA and UVB exposure and impairs the skin’s own ability to regenerate nightly.

An advanced post recovery cream that nurtures sensitive exposed skin that has under gone cosmetic and laser treatment. Recovery Cream protects delicate sensitised skin and its hydration levels while providing a natural moisturising factor similar to the skin’s own natural oils while it reorganises it’s own barrier protection.

For best results clients should adopt our simple four step skin care plan “Cleanse + Boost + Hydrate + Protect.” It is as simple as one, two, three, protect!

At Balense we always recommend clients seek consultation with a skin care professional when finding a skin care plan to suit them. To book in your complimentary consultation with one of our exclusive providers, find a clinic location near you.

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